Hope Connection Church supports & spearheads numerous local and global outreach/missions projects. Our calling is to share the Gospel until everyone knows Jesus Christ!

Our Missions Coordinator, Kristi Butler, has an extensive background in Missions. She and her husband, Cory Butler ('Pastor C') served together at the Miami Dream Center for four years and, during that time, led and organized numerous mission teams/projects. They spearheaded multiple serve projects, construction projects, clothing/food drives, homeless outreach, and cultivated a strong connection with the community of Miami. Over the years, Kristi has served/led a handful of Missions Trips all over the world (including a month-long internship with a local church in El Salvador). Her travels all over the globe have further confirmed her heart for people & expanding the Kingdom of God.

Since coming on staff at Hope in 2019, Kristi has paved the way for incredible mission projects/trips both in the local OKC are and internationally. She now serves as the Co-Chair to the Community Action Board at Adams Elementary School and has partnered with numerous foundations such as the Kaleo Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

Beyond Missions alone, Kristi has a heart to simply serve people. With this in mind, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and now works at a local OKC hospital.

A message from Kristi:
Jesus’s heartbeat on missions is stated clearly in Mark 16:15: Go into ALL the world and preach the gospel to ALL creation. I am but one person... but the body of Christ is massive, and, although missions may not come to mind daily, it is IN all of us to GO and spread the Gospel. My job as Missions Coordinator is to serve as a reminder to the body of Hope that we are more than four walls... we are a living testimony with the truth of Christ that should be shared to all people, of all nationalities, far and wide.


Over the years, we have been privileged to send Missions Teams to several countries. The variety of teams has included medical teams, student teams, and adult teams to Guatemala and Nicaragua. In the coming years, we plan to expand our missions to more countries & focuses. 


We have a long-standing, ongoing partnership with Adams Elementary School in South Oklahoma City. They have named us as their official "sponsor" and we communicate with their board regularly to meet their needs. Kristi Butler serves as the Co-Chair to the Community Action Board.

So far, we have conducted numerous projects to assist them, including: Coat Drives, Toy-Drives, School Supplies Drives, Beautification Day (painting/maintaining their facilities), and a massive annual Christmas Celebration! 


We currently provide monthly support & send missions teams to Healing Rain Ministries in Nicaragua. Healing Rain Ministries started in July of 2012 with the mission to show God's love, compassion, and hope to the poor, needy, and hurting people of Nicaragua.

For more information about Healing Rain Ministries, visit their Facebook page.


Whether you want to participate in local missions projects, go on an international trip, or want more information... let us know!

Send an email to Kristi Butler, our Missions Director.